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    Silver U- Boat Combat Clasp

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    I would like the forum members to give their opinion on this silver U- Boat Combat Clasp maker (Entwurf) Peekhaus AUSF SCHWERIN BERLIN 68. I have checked with the seller as to were he got the medal, some of his replies,

    I bought the medal for two reasons, as you can see from the picture that was posted by the seller the clasp is missing and had at one time been badly soldered on, why bother trying to solder a broken clasp back on if the medal was a replica, it could easily be replaced?

    And comparatively to other U- Boat Combat Clasp’s I have seen on the internet, the lettering ‘Entwurf Peekhaus AUSF SCHWERIN BERLIN 68’ correspond quite well with the original.

    I removed the solder so as to get as much of the makers mark as possible and cleaned the medal as much as possible with a mild cleaning fluid.

    However collecting medals is not my strong point so not for the first time I could be wrong!








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    Since posting this topic I am thinking of selling the medal and have offered it to some military traders, most are not interested because of the missing pin. Considering the medal is quite rare, only 196 silver clasps were awarded to the Kriegsmarine U-Boat crews, and unfortunately as most of them were killed in action, there cannot be many silver combat clasps still around today. All have agreed that the medal is real, Weitze military, History shop (the only one to offer to buy it) emedals, Sammlerschmiede. I might consider keeping it, and displaying it in a frame, along with this picture of a Kriegsmarine Knight's Cross winner (any ideas who it might be?) wearing the clasp. I have posted a few more pictures of the clasp, they might help in the future other forum members.




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