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    Medal for service in aerospace forces


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    Established on 1 August 2015 by ministerial order 470.  This quite extensive ministerial order sets the awards for the new Aerospace Forces born from the merger of Air Defence Forces and Space Forces.


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    This is the text of the award criteria translated from the quite extensive order detailing amendments to many air force awards.

    The medal "For service in aerospace forces" is awarded to military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation serving in the Air Force or discharged from military service in the Air Force, for conscientious service (work) of 20 years or more in calendar years on condition of having previously been awarded a decoration of the Air Force "For merit", "For distinction" or a commendation.

    The new medal being all encompassing, the same order also abrogates the establishment orders for the Medal "For Service in the Air Force",  Medal "For Service in Space Forces" and the  Medal "Chief Marshal of Aviation Kutakhov.  The latter barely lasted a year.  The design is a amalgam of the first two awards.


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    The same order also abrogates the establishment orders of these three commemorative pieces, they are no longer to be awarded, Medal "100 Years of the Air Force"Commemorative Badge "50 Years of the Space Age" and Commemorative Badge "100 Years of Air Defence".


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    The same order creates two new decorations (breast badges).  The decoration "For merit" and the decoration "For distinction" of Aerospace Forces.

    The basic design is similar to the already existing decorations of the Air Force with the addition of an eight point star at the meeting point of the cannon and propeller at centre.


    The decoration "For merit" of Aerospace Forces is awarded to officers and and warrant officers in military service with aerospace forces for five or more calendar years: for the exemplary performance of military duty, skilful and competent management of the actions of subordinates on duty crews, for high performance indicators; for services in the planning, organization and delivery of air defence combat duty crews (operational service); for high results in education of subordinate personnel or in the development of new equipment and weapons; for professional excellence, excellent performance in combat training and field (air) training.

    The decoration "For distinction" of Aerospace Forces is awarded to soldiers, sergeants and master sergeants, in military service under contract in the Aerospace Forces for five years or more (if class qualification at least second class): for outstanding achievements in the development of weapons, military and special equipment, and exemplary military discipline; for the successful fulfillment of special tasks; for excellent performance in combat training and skills for at least two years.

    By the same stroke, the decorations of the Air Force "For merit" and "For distinction" and the decoration of Space Forces "For merit" are abolished.


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