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    Durham Light Infantry Museum

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    this is probably the wrong place for a post such as this ,I would be grateful if it could be placed where it should if it is seen fitting


    can I also take the opportunity ,I forgot yesterday,so much to do so little time, too bring too the attention of members on these boards a little known museum based in Durham, The Durham Light Infantry museum , is a place fondly placed in the hearts of people from our region, containing the regiment colours, photos and personal letters from the front from the charge of the light brigade and sebastapol  up to its disolution,it houses the memories of its men and victoria crosses of 11 of those there and is also the chosen place of many men as their last place of rest and their have been many many military men have their ashes laid  there. The reason I am mentioning it is that Durham county council wishes too close it ,store its contents and sell the land for redevelopement, personally I think this is appauling, an insult too those who gave their all and  for taking away their history from future generations of north eastern men and and women .and  I  am currently attempting to gain further interest in signing the petition too stop this from happening .It is scheduled  too happen April 2016 I do not want some faceless bureaucrat running roughshod over our regional history it boils my blood infact any help or furthering of the cause in the memory of these brave men and those that followed would be much appreciated.  if interested please look up  Durham Light infantry museum petition which I believe can be found also on the county councils website, buried somewhere

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