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    Winifred Carney and George McBride

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    Winifred (Winnie) Carney's posthumously awarded 1916 and War of Independence with Comrac medals, along with her husband, George McBride's WWI group.  

    Excerpt from Wiki - 

    She was present with Connolly in the Dublin General Post Office during the Easter Rising in 1916, his aide-de-camp. Carney was the only woman present during the initial occupation of the building, which she entered armed with a typewriter and a Webley revolver. While not a combatant, she was given the rank of adjutant and was among the final group (including Connolly and Patrick Pearse) to leave the GPO. After Connolly became wounded, she refused to leave his side. This was despite direct orders from Pearse and Connolly. She had earlier taken the wounded Connolly's final dictated orders. Carney, alongside Elizabeth O'Farell and Julia Grennan left the GPO with the rest of the rebels after their surrender.

    George fought in the Battle of the Somme.  Was taken prisoner and later returned to Belfast.  



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