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    HE 119 BOB scenario

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    370 mph in 1937, better than ME 110, decent range. These could operate minus fighter protection often, ( diving attacks from British fighters could still hit them ). But then they could operate at both low & high altitude. These plus a German version of Operation Pluto, ( fuel lines dragged across channel ), make an interesting what if. Para attacks on airfields was done in mock attacks by the British with very good results I read in I think it was Crosley's book, They gave me a Seafire. One could add JU 86 not built, ( several hundred were ), & in it's place the 4 engined DO 19. These would have better survivability than twins for the simple reason they often can fly home on 2 engines, ( the FW 200 was designed this way for example ).


    And Japanese copy is reported to have a top speed of 447 mph
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    JU 86, 900 built  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Ju_86

    I'd venture a guess that 3-400 DO 19 could have been built in place of these.



    In 1974, a mock-staged Operation Sealion was done with Galland as a judge, it was decided to be a fail based on fuel re-supply issue

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