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lions head Prussian officer sword - Uhlan

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I have my payment en route for a jawless style lionhead Prussian officer sword which on a langet has the lances of a Lancer group. I always thought of the lancers as light cavalry but there are some other motifs on the sword hilt that show cannonballs. For instance, instead of a Pantherhead quillon it has a cannonball quillon. There is another scene on the hilt that displays cannons but NOT on the langets. They have the typical lancers logo.  Is that contradictory? How do I tell the difference also between this and a Hussar sword?  Also, as an aside, it has in scroll work boldly Eisenauer.  that is in gothic style print.  Does that mean that this is a Damascus blade? Is that implied

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"Eisenhauer" was a quality designation and does not necessarily mean a damascus blade.  "Damaststahl" or "Echt Damast" were used on damascus blades and were often used in addition to Eisenhauer.  A damascus blade will almost always be unplated and show the pattern in the steel.

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