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    TSD Truppensonderdienst (Verwaltung) Heer Officer Jacket

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    Hallo Gents, 

    Im wondering about this “private buy” TSD officer jacket! It`s in red waffenfabe? 

    The jacket has got initials on the lower front? Is this late war issue? Buttons marked with eagle? 


    Any help is all help:-) 








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    First of all I'd like to state that I am no uniform-specialist. But as nobody has responded so far and as "Any help is all help:-)" let me say this:    The red is perhaps faded carmine for vets. The buttons seem to be Weimar-era buttons with the Weimar eagle and the year 19.. - I can't read the last two numbers - should be something between 18 and 33 as the Weimar Republic existed only from 1918 - 1933. Hopefully it is not the very similar Bundesadler of the BRD (FRG). The fabric of the tunic is a garberdine weave which is unusual for WWII. Mostly these were made from Trikot weave. But, as I said, I am no uniform specialist.

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