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    Miniature DSO bar attributed to Major Charles Beatty

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    I’d like share one of my more prominent miniature bars.  This grouping and miniature bar belonged to Major Charles Beatty, older brother of famous British Admiral David Beatty.  I received the miniature bar and the photo showing Major Beatty and his wife.  I also included the sellers picture here showing the entire original grouping for provenance. Unfortunately i do not know what happened to the rest of the group. 

    The DSO has always been one of my favorite British decorations due to both its elegant facade and simple yet intricate design.  The fact that this miniature bar is attributed to a significant figure only adds to the importance of the award.

    Major Beatty earned the Distinguished Service Order for bravery and valor in combat against the enemy during the Boer War.  His actions appeared in the London gazette as ' At Evergreen, Eastern Transvaal, on 17th February, when Major Howard and orderly were killed, went back to fetch assistance through very close and heavy fire ; his horse was killed, hit three times' (London Gazette 20.8.1901). 


    During WWI, Major Beatty was severely wounded during the battle of St Eloi, resulting in a left arm amputation.  Later in may of 1917, after suffering injuries from a fall from his horse, he died due to surgical complications to correct the aforementioned injury. 







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