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    Second limited edition about the Karl Friedrich Military Merit Order and Medals

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    I present the new edition of Frank Zelosko's standard work about the Karl Friedrich Military Merit Order and Medals! 
    The first edition of this work was relatively small and soon sold out. 
    The books became a sought-after rarity. Now I can present you a second, slightly expanded new edition wich is limited to 100 pieces per volume.
    Each book is numbered in the header.
    The volumes are processed as a soft cover in a good binding and the cover is cellophane wrapped.
    The first volume deals with the history of the award etc. (see pictures for content)
    The second volume provides an overview of all those awarded the order and the medal throughout the award period.
    The third volume includes all the justifications for the awards in World War I. Thus, as it were, the book of honor of the bearers that was not published due to the war!
    Altogether more than 850 pages on this award are unique in this form.
    The volumes cost €70.00 each
    In a set, all three volumes together €180.00
    Postage €5.00 insured shipping in Germany.
    Abroad correspond to more.
    If you have any questions just write me!
    Please send orders and inquiries to: TGR Verlag Sven Rothmann Email address: sven.rothmann@gmx.de
    With best collector's greetings
    Sven Rothmann







    Inhalt Bamd 1.2.jpg

    Inhalt Band 1.1.jpg

    Inhalt Band 1.jpg

    Inhalt Band 2.jpg

    Inhalt Band 3.jpg

    Titel Band 1.jpg

    Titel Band 2.jpg

    Titel Band 3.jpg

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