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    Hallo Gentlemen :beer:

    I have had this in my possesion for a number of years, it came along with some unrelated stuff I got at a "Flea-market" in Bavaria.

    My Questions are:

    Any Idea of which Unit or Regiment?

    The men have a Cross emblem in the hats but do not sport Red Cross Brassards indicating Sanitater Korps personel. They are not in possesion of any weapons, rifles or bayonets, although the guy in the cart might have a leather pouch under the left arm.

    Its obviously connected with WW1 I believe the banner reads "In rememberance of the Fighters in World War 1914/1915.

    second picture is a penciled notation to the rear.

    Many thanks for any forth-coming information.

    Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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    Taaadaaah! From the vast subterranean archives:

    REAL Red Cross arm in arm with LANDSTURM:

    Notice that the man in back right is wearing the

    dark blue

    emergency mobilization "make due" attire of the 1914 Ersatz-Reserve...

    thus contributing to some of the confusion.

    But RED CROSS in the field wore white topped caps and enormous white and red RED Cross patches, as well as the "Geneva" armband.

    Hallo Ricky :beer:

    I take of my hat to you. . . (er. . . its not from the time of the napolionic wars either but a rather sallty blue U.N. peaker :P ) it's like myself a little faded, a little worn and a little torn, :P

    The Landsturm guys in the picture you posted disquised as nuns look quite convincing, no wonder the British Propaganda Company was scared in the early days of the Belgium campaign :P

    With speed of this reply I am sure you will soon hit the 8,000 posting :cheers: so I must hunt for more unknown tid-bits of info, I will rumage through my sock-drawer (clean-ones) for some more obscure bits of paper. . . . I have a nice piece connected to the Austro-Hungarian Forces Dispositions pre WW1ish for you to drooooool over, if your a good boy and dust the bat-cave storage facility before dinner and take out the trash I might just give you a peek. . . . later on.

    Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    Guest Rick Research

    Sometimes I scare myself, with what I can come up for Odd Photographic Subject Matter "on hand."

    WW1 underwear? Check. Improvized wrist watches in wear? Check. Sausage making in the field? Check. Graham Chapman lookalikes? Check. Babes in wooden clogs? Check. Not ALL in the SAME photo, of course. :rolleyes::cheeky:

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