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    Service medal for current Ukraine conflict?


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    Wondering if there might be an official Russian campaign or service medal issued for the current Ukraine war/special operation that was launched last year, similar to the Syria or Caucasus campaign medals of the past. I've seen plenty of Ukrainian service medals floating around currently, but has anyone seen anything from the Russian side?


    Many thanks,



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    I've not seen an official one yet, Assorted unofficial bits and bobs on dodgy Russian sales sites, though,


    It's interesting. The 2014 one for the annexation of the Crimea emerged almost before they'd set foot there (well, about 3 weeks later afterwards).

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    Well, no guarantees as to how 'official' this is, but I found this today (while looking for something else entirely).:

    Medal "For Participation in a Special Operation" (Медаль "Участнику специальной военной операции"), supposedly established 10 August 2022.




    The red star is a bit dodgy, so I'm not sure how legit it is. Thoughts?

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    The reverse looks believable to me...do many fakes normally appear with the Ministry stamp on back?


    With the help of a friend, I might have tracked down what appears to be the National Guard's (Rosgvardia's) service medal below, but I'm curious for everyone's thoughts. Like the MoD medal above, it seems to have the proper Ministry attributions on the reverse, although the obverse again seems a bit unusual.


    The second photo is supposedly a real example, but I already notice differences in it from the first pic...



    NG Ukr Medal.jpg

    NG Ukr medal front.png

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