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    Special Constables WW1 Glasgow equipment, clothing, and role

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    My great grand father was a special constable for Glasgow Corporation during WW1.

    I have inherited his lapel badge, and long service award medal as well as a truncheon.

    Using these 'bones' as a spring board I hope to flesh out the story of his time.

    I contacted The Mitchell Library, Glasgow and the archivist confirmed that the library did not hold any records of special constables. They referred me to the Glasgow Police Museum. 

    I wonder if any forum members have any knowledge they could share with me regarding the:

    • clothing they would wear while on duty;
    • type of equipment they were issued with;
    • published guidelines issued to special constables to be followed as they carried-out their role;
    • difficulties special constables would face as they carried out their duties.

    Try as I might I haven't been able to unearth much information. 

    This publication gives an overview but it focuses on England — The home front in the Great War : aspects of the conflict 1914-1918 by Bilton, David.

    Grateful for the help, guidance, and suggestions of forum members of how I might answer these questions and other sources that I that might find useful.

    Thanking you all in anticipation.

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