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    Order of the Sacred Treasure Japan

    Frank Japan

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    Dear all,


    do you may know if there is any way to determine the period in which an

    Order of the Sacred Treasure was awarded.


    Are there any markings or engravements on it which could help with the identification?


    I am interested in Meiji and Taisho pieces from 6th class up.


    Thanks & regards,







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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I'm on my phone so I have to be brief. At the very least there is the M mint mark of the Osaka Mint, with known time coordinates of 1930 to 1943 (I think, if my memory serves me) and the kanji BI, the mark of a private manufacturer from the early 1930s, again if my memory serves me. I realize, however, that these time coordinates are outside of yur desired eras.


    Google JapanX's wonderful site called Medals of Asia and click on the Sacred Treasure link. There is a wealth of information and pictures. JapanX is a regular contributor here, so hopefully he'll see this and reply.


    All the best, and happy hunting for your Treasures.



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    Now that I'm home and can do a bit more research I realized that the early 1930s time frame of which I was thinking was for the mark (hei). Known time coordinates are December 1931 to September 1933. See https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-on-japanese-order-who-and-when.15113/.


    The mark (bi) is from the Shobidō workshop. I believe that the known time coordinates are from 1900 to to 1929. See https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-on-japanese-orders-who-and-when.25816/.


    The M mark was from March 1930 to April 1943. See https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-m-on-japanese-orders-and-medals-who-and-when.14818/.



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