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    Sarawak: " Pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji / Meritorious Service Medal "

    No one

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    Presentation of the " Public Administration Medal / Pingat Pentadbiran Awam" 

    The miniature, ribbon and rosette of the " Meritorious Service Medal / Pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji " 3rd rank / (gangsa /bronze): 


    Ketahui Jenis Kurniaan Darjah Kebesaran, Bintang Dan Pingat Negeri Di Sarawak (iloveborneo.my)  see paragraph "G".


    swksp-jaw2-04lampiran1.pdf (sarawak.gov.my)  see paragraph "4"




    Oikhaskan kepada para pegawai awam dan pekerja Badan-Badan Berkanun untuk mengiktiraf dan menghargai khidmat cemerlang, kecekapan, kebolehan dan

    kejayaan mereka. Ada tiga pang kat, iaitu:


    (a) Pingat Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (Emas)

    (b) Pingat Perkhidmatan Bakti (Perak)

    (c) Pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji (Gangsa)


    Dikhaskan kepada pegawai-pegawai yang berkhidmat dengan gigih dan cemerlang di dalam bidang pekerjaan mereka dan mereka pula tidak layak untuk dicalonkan

    menerima apa juga Darjah dan Bintang Kebesaran yang dinyatakan di atas atau kenaikan pangkat di dalam perkhidmatan atas sebab-sebab tertentu di dalam





    Dedicated to public officials and employees of Statutory Bodies for recognizing and appreciating excellent service, competence, ability and their success. There are three more, namely:


    (a) Distinguished Service Medal (Gold)

    (b) Meritorious Service Medal (Silver)

    (c) Meritorious Service Medal (Bronze)


    Dedicated to officers who serve diligently and brilliantly in their field of work and they are not eligible to be nominated receive any of the above mentioned Ranks and Stars or

    promotion in the service for certain reasons within staffing. "







    Yours sincerely,

    No one








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    Fascinating miniature medal, No One.


    I’m going to display my ignorance of medals here, but I am surprised to see the rosette on the miniature medal ribbon and ribbon for the ribbon bar. I understand the lapel rosette, indicating receipt of the medal, but would not expect to see the rosette on the ribbons because the miniature medal and ribbon bar ribbon themselves indicate receipt of the medal.


    I have so much to learn.


    All the best,



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    Dear TracA,


    Thanks for the interest.


    I was as surprised as you are, puzzled, and intrigued by those rosettes. And I don't have the answers.


    The ones that are currently being sold are identical to mine.


    MALAYSIA SARAWAK Distinguished Service Medal Star PPT Miniature Silver Malaya | eBay

    Sarawak Miniature PPT Pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji Distinguished Service Medal | eBay


    What is more intriguing and perplexing is that the medals do not have a rosette.


    Meritorious Service Medal (pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji) (liveauctioneers.com)

    Malaysia Malaya SARAWAK Distinguished Service Medal Order Badge P.P.T. no box | eBay

    Scotmint | Sarawak Pingat Perkhidmatan Terpuji MSM Medal



    But it's not only this medal, others do have a rosette on their miniature:


    Mama Blog~: Penerimaan Pingat Perkhidmatan Bakti (P.P.B) (serawhite.blogspot.com)



    Yours sincerely,

    No one



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    Sometimes a minature of a lower class of an order is worn to indicate possession of a higher class of that order. Not sure if this was done in Sarawak, it's more of a European thing; and I'm not really into minatures anyway. The ribbon can be decorated with a rosette or other insignia to indicate this.


    Use of a rosette and 'wings' are also commonplace on a ribbon bar to indicate the class of the order held.


    A rosette and silver 'wings' as shown here conventionally represents a holder of the Commander or Third Class of a typical 5-class order.

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    Thank you for the information. It is very helpful. Funny, but before I came back to this post I was thinking to myself "I hope Megan weighs in".


    All the best,



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