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    Vietnam「 Navy」: "Hô Tống Hạm HQ-09 Kỳ Hòa – PCE (Patrol Craft Escort 09) "

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    Dera Gentlemen,


    Presentation of the South Vietnamese Navy (Hải Quân Việt Nam Cộng Hòa) ship "Hô Tống Hạm HQ-09 Kỳ Hòa – PCE 09 (Patrol Craft Escort 09*) ":


    * it was aslo used as a Minesweeper and Submarine Chaser.


    "RVNS Ky Hoa (HQ-09) – Ho Tong Ham Ky Hoa – PCE 09 – USS SENTRY


    On August 28, 1944, under the command of Marines Major Thomas R. Fonick, the USS Sentry crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California , and headed for the Philippine Islands.


    On June 19, 1946, USS Sentry returned to the United State. The following year, the warship was placed on reserve in Orange County, Texas

    The ship was transferred to the United States Navy in 1962.


    On August 31, 1962, the USS Sentry ship was handed over to the Government of the Republic of Vietnam with the new name of PCE 09 at a ceremony celebrated in the Philadelphia Shipyard.


    On October 29, 1962, after thorough training of staff, the USS Sentry departed for Saigon.


    On January 17, 1963, the Ky Hoa officially joined the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam.


    Operating continuously until 1975, made an attempted escape to the Philippines in mid April 1975.


    Due to heavy damage returned to Saigon, arrived 11am, 30th of April of 1975.


    The crew immediately surrendered to the forces arriving in Saigon. Later that day the ship became HQ-05 of the Vietnamese People’s Navy.


    HQ-05 continued operations including combat with the Khmer Rouge. The ship was sunk by the Khmer Rouge in a sea battle on the 7th of January 1979."


    USS Sentry (AM-299) - Wikipedia


    The badge:




    The ship:







    The edgehog:






    The 8 PCE-MSF (Patrol Craft Escort- Fleet MineSweeper) from HQ-07 to HG-14:




    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    Posted (edited)

    Dear Gentlemen,


    "The 8 PCE-MSF (Patrol Craft Escort- Fleet MineSweeper) from HQ-07 to HG-14:" read "HQ-14".


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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