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    Vietnam「 Navy」: "Duyên Đoàn 41 . Hải quân Việt Nam - 41st Coastal Squadron . Vietnamese Navy"

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    Presentation of the badge of the "Duyên Đoàn 41 . Hải quân Việt Nam  - 41st Coastal Squadron . Vietnamese Navy".


    The badge:




    Pictures courtesy manhhai / flickr:








    The Duyên Đoàn 41 was stationned on Hon Khoai Island:


    Hòn Khoai (also called Ile Independence or Paulo Obi, Pulo Ubi) is a small archipelago located about 14 kilometers south from Cà Mau province, Vietnam.

    It is considered to be the southernmost point of Vietnam.

    The Hòn Khoai  islands consist of the main island of Hòn Khoai, the smaller island Hòn Sao and the islets of Hòn Đồi Mồi, Hòn Đá Lẻ and Hòn Tương.














    At 12 o'clock on the badge (and on the maps) you can see the lighthouse of Hon Khoai / Hải đăng Hòn Khoai:






    Yours sincerely,

    No one



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