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    Ciskei Prisons Service Awards


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    Here we have the following awards:


    Ciskei Prisons Service Gallantry Cross (PGC) (1988-94)  - Picture 9

    Ciskei Prisons Service Star for Excellence (PSE) (1988-94)  - Picture 6 

    Ciskei Prisons Service Star for Distinction (PSD) (1988-94) - Picture 7

    Ciskei Prisons Service Star for Merit (PSM) (1988-94) - Picture 8 

    Ciskei Prisons Service Medal for Merit (1988-94)  - Picture 4 

    Ciskei Prisons Service Commendation Medal (1988-94) - Picture 5 

    Ciskei Prisons Service Medal for Faithful Service (1988-94) - 30 years service - Picture 1

    Ciskei Prisons Service Medal for Faithful Service (1988-94) - 20 years service - Picture 2

    Ciskei Prisons Service Medal for Faithful Service (1988-94) - 10 years service - Picture 3


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