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    KaNgwane Police Medal


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    ÞdHere we have the only award designed snd approved for KaNgwane Police


    KaNgwane Police Establishment Medal


    The Warrant by the Minister of KaNgwane Police Service, was only signed on 15 April 1994 at Louieville


    The medal is part of my collection


    Apologies for the mistakes. Fingers to thick and didn't read before sent 🙄

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    Any chance of a better image? Even though I now know what I'm looking for I cannot find anything!


    What metal is it made of?

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    Hi Megan,


    KaNgwane Police Establishment Medal


    Composition: Silver (oxidised)


    Awarded to any member of the KaNgwane Police or any seconded officials who on 1986-06-01 was or became a member of the KaNgwane Police or was seconded to the KaNgwane Police respectively, or to any person who at the time contributed towards the establishment of the KaNgwane Police.


    Warranr by the Minister of the KaNgwane Police Service, signed at Louieville on 15 April 1994.



    Kangwane Police Establishment Medal (3).JPG

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