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    ス (su) Hallmarks On Rosettes: Inwards And Outwards?


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    My most recent acquisition, an Order of the Sacred Treasure 3rd Class with N hallmark, came with a rosette, and that rosette also has a hallmark: (su). I looked at it and looked at it, but something just did not look right. Then, it hit me: unlike the other seven rosettes that I have (for Treasures, Kites, and Suns) with the hallmark, this rosette has the in a different orientation from that of my seven other rosettes. 

    Seven of my rosettes have what I call an inward facing , where the top of the character faces inward toward the rosette’s cylinder, like this:


    Rosette Inward SU 2.jpg


    The rosette that came with my N hallmarked 3rd Class Order of the Sacred Treasure, however, has  an outward facing , where the top of the character faces outward from the rosette’s cylinder, like this:


    Rosette Outward SU 1.jpg


    At Medals of Asia this hallmark is associated only with Red Cross medals as well as rosettes for such medals and rosettes for other orders/medals. The two pictures of Red Cross rosettes are of outward facing but the four pictures of rosettes for other orders/medals all have inward facing . See Medals of Asia: https://asiamedals.info/threads/marks-of-the-japanese-red-cross-society-medals.15270/.


    If my small sample size of eight and the four pictures at Medals of Asia are any indication, then clearly outward facing are much less common on non-Red Cross rosettes than inward facing. Beyond that I cannot posit any other conclusions.


    It would be interesting to know the stamping process for rosettes with this hallmark. Heck, it would be really interesting to know the meaning/manufacturer behind this hallmark.


    All the best,



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    Dear TracA,


    Interesting, but it could just be a human manipulation mistake.


    As you mentioned, who is this prolific manufacturer?


    I have only three rosettes with 'ス ' hallmark:


    - Golden Kite :




    - Pillars of State (Manchukuo):




    - Red Cross:




    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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