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    Deutsche Verkehrsflieger-Schule

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    Let me show you these Deutsche Verkehrsflieger-Schule pins & stickpins (I hope this is the correct section, if not please moderators move it!) i found very little information on this covert operation to form the pilots for the new Luftwaffe, I posted in WAF with just a single answer about their originality and a brief description on the organization. In the Internet I only found other two stickpins (WAF) but no buttonhole ones, please give an opinion on these.


    Thanks in advance




    Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule 7.jpg

    Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule 8.jpg

    Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule 4.jpg

    Deutsche VerkehrsfliegerSchule10.jpg

    The back of the maker's mark of one of the stickpins and the second without mark, the buttonhole ones are marked too but I didn't get a good photo of the mark yet



    Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule 6.jpg

    Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule 11.jpg

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