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    Anglo Boer War Medals awarded to women


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    Only 16 Anglo Boer War medals were awarded to women


    1. Beynen, Gertruida Johanna (Roode Kruis Directrice-Director of Red Cross

    2. Boshoff, Louisa Susanna, born Rautenbach (Red Cross nurse)

    3. Cenijn-Smit, Sophia G. (Nurse Hollander Corps)

    4. Charbon, Suzanna Christine (Red Cross nurse)

    5. Jacobs, Hester Auna S

    6. Jacobs, Susanna Gertruida Elizabeth

    7. Kaltenbrun, Agatha Cornelia (VK)

    8. Perk-Engelbart, Elizabeth Marie (Hollander Korps)

    9. Roos, Susara Johanna (Red Cross Ambulance nurse)

    10. Rooseboom, Garadina M (Nurse - Hollander Corps)

    11. Schipper, Adriana Elizabeth (Nurse Netherlands Ambulance)

    12. Svensson, Hildur Charlotta (Scqndinavian Corps)

    13. T' Haaf, Jeanette Petronella (Nurse - Hollander Corps)

    14. Van Sevenoven, Gysberta (Nurse - Hollander Corps)

    15. Visser, Cornelia Rosina (Nurse - Hollander Corps)

    16. Wiersna, Hendriette A (Hollander Corps)


    On the picture is Mrs. Krantz after the battle at Elandslaagte


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