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    In the week following the first shots of the Boer War (Kraaipan, 12 Oct 1899), the opposing forces in the vicinity of where the ZAR/Rhodesia/Bechuanaland borders meet (Rhodesia Regiment and the Zoutpansberg 
    Commando) started taking up positions in the vicinity of Fort Tuli in Southern Rhodesia as well as Pont Drift and Rhodes’ Drift in Northern Bechuanaland. 

    “Saturday 21 October 1899 saw some of the most intense fighting to date. Early that morning Capt Blackburn (D Troop) led a mounted patrol along the river towards Pont Drift. Two troopers were left at Rhodes’ Drift while 5 men, under Sgt Maj G A Yonge, travelled slightly inland along the border road taking with them the patrol’s horses. They planned to meet up with the remaining men who were scouting on foot along the thickly wooded banks of the Limpopo.

    On that same morning, however, Veldkornet Briel decided that there should be a determined push into Rhodesian territory from Pont Drift to try drive away the Rhodesians who had attacked his watering parties. Accordingly, he sent several Boer patrols across the river and one of these ambushed Yonge’s party on the road as it neared Pont Drift. Yonge was killed instantly, and the Boers captured most of the horses, several guns and the remaining four troopers – James Forbes, Walter Kelly, Richard Warren and George P Cook.

    Meanwhile Blackburn and his foot patrol came up on the rear of the Boers and a sharp skirmish ensued. In this action Tpr George H Nethercott was killed and Capt Blackburn was severely wounded.” 
    “Plumer’s Men” by Robert S Burrell.

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