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    “Lord Roberts’ supply column cannot keep up with the infantry and is ordered to stay at Waterval Drift, 20 km south of Jacobsdal, and to follow the main force as soon as the oxen have recovered sufficiently.


    General Kelly-Kenny details about 500 troops to escort the convoy which stretches more than 10 to 12 kilometers. As soon as the main force is out of sight, General De Wet attacks. His long-range shelling and rifle fire causes the draught animals to stampede and the escort commander realizes that there is now no way of preventing the wagons from falling into enemy hands.


    He retreats, abandoning the convoy. De Wet takes 180 loaded wagons, about 2 800 oxen, a few horses and an enormous supply of food, as well as 58 prisoners. The loss of four days’ precious rations and almost a third of all the oxen brought together for the advance can jeopardize a massive operation in an inhospitable country, but Roberts is unfazed.” 
    “The Anglo-Boer War: A Chronicle” by Pieter G. Cloete.

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