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    “The reconnaissance of 12 February and other information showed Sir Redvers Buller that there were enemy defences that must be taken before he could seriously attack Hlangwane itself; with this object in view orders were issued on 13 February 1900, as follows: It is intended to seize Hussar Hill tomorrow and the spurs to the 
    east of it north of Moord Kraal and to occupy this position with artillery.”
    Orders for 2nd Cavalry Brigade.


    Lieut.-Gen. The Earl of Dundonald in “My Army Life” later recording:
    “Lord Dundonald’s Brigade will cover the movement. It will strike its camp and bivouac on a site which will be pointed out to it. In accordance with these orders I covered the advance; the enemy tried to dispute our seizure of Hussar Hill, but the SA Light Horse under Lt Col Byng by a rapid advance quickly seized a commanding ridge, and assisted by the Company of four Colt guns searched the dongas until the enemy was compelled to retire. The infantry then followed and entrenched the Hill.

    On 15 February the infantry and artillery advanced towards Cingolo and Monte Christo, supported by the naval and other guns on Hussar Hill.


    My Brigade, in accordance with orders, covered the right and left flanks of the infantry. At nightfall the right of the infantry advance (General Lyttelton’s Division) was about two miles from Cingolo Hill. General 
    Lyttelton reported a strong Boer position towards the nek between Cingolo and Monte Cristo, and he thought he would want more troops to carry it.

    On the 16th the guns on Hussar Hill kept up a steady fire on such of the enemy positions as were within range, and a portion of my Brigade reconnoitred the south-eastern base of Cingolo and came under fire; this day I had one regiment on the right flank of the infantry, one on the left and one in rear of the centre.”

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