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    “At dawn, French’s advance parties come under fire from Abrahamskraal and he immediately orders his Cavalry Brigade south to occupy the Driefontein Koppies which he presumes to be the Boer flank. Driefontein, however, is occupied and is soon strengthened as De la Rey transfers a small group here, in anticipation of French’s move.


    The flanking move by French and Kelly-Kenny’s 6th Division thus becomes a frontal attack against a small but determined group of burghers and Rand police. Repeated charges, supported by artillery, fail to dislodge De la Rey. The furious rifle fire forces the British to fall back, even temporarily abandoning some of their guns.


    Another flank attack is launched and again De la Rey is able to pre-empt their move, preventing the cavalry threatening their line of retreat. Although Weilbach’s Heidelbergers retire prematurely, the Boers hold on until sunset, when De la Rey orders them to fall back to Bloemfontein.


    Although their resistance is more determined than at Poplar Grove, the vast British superiority forces them to retire eastwards, with at least 30 killed, 47 wounded and 20 captured. British losses amount to at least 60 killed and 361 wounded. After the battle both sides accuse the other of abusing the white flag and of using explosive bullets.”
    The Anglo-Boer War: A Chronology by Pieter G Cloete.

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