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    “Yorkshire Hussars were in the saddle at 05.30 in order to reconnoitre a Boer position. Most of the Yorkshire Hussars went out on piquet duty on a high rugged kopje about a mile and a half toward Boshof.


    The 3rd Imperial Yeomanry convoy was attacked while returning to Boshof and faced the brunt of the following attack. The 
    units were not marching regiment, and when descending from a kopje to the road, the Boers attacked from one of the kopjes to the east of the road.


    The South Nottingham Yeomanry and the Yorkshire Hussars drove off the attack and were supported by the Kimberly Light Horse. They held their ground until the convoy was out of danger, and then retired.


    Casualties for number 2 troop of the Yorkshire Hussars were the highest: 2 killed in action, 5 wounded and 11 were taken prisoner. The Boers shelled the convoy, but without effect. The convoy reached Boshof about 19:30.”

    “With Methuen’s Column 1901”: Illingworth.

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