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    Roberts’ Despatch of 14 August 1900 (LG 8 Feb 1901)
    “In the western districts of Cape Colony Lieutenant-General Warren and Colonel Adye have operated against the rebels with considerable success. On the 21st May Warren surprised the enemy at Douglas, capturing their wagons, tents, and cattle.


    The Boers retreated northwards. On the 30th May (sic) Adye had an engagement near Kheis in the Prieska district, our casualties being 1 Officer and 3 men killed and 4 Officers and 16 men wounded. On this occasion over 5,800 head of cattle and sheep were captured with large number of wagons and tents and much personal property.”

    “Kheis: Northern Cape, 115 km west of Griekwastad. The pont at Kheis was ordered to be sunk in March 1900 by Brig-Gen H.H. Settle. In May 1900, about 400 rebel burghers formed a laager on the farm which is on the northern bank of the Orange River.


    Making a forced march from Prieska, Col J Adye reached the drift opposite Kheis on 26 May with a detachment comprising four guns, a company of the Gloucestershire regiment mounted infantry, the 32nd (Lancashire) company of the 2nd Imperial Yeomanry from Draghoender and the 5th
    (Warwickshire) company of the 2nd Imperial Yeomanry from Kenhardt.


    Leaving the latter with his guns to demonstrate at the drift, Adye took the remainder of his force to another drift eight kilometres upstream and came down the north bank to surprise the laager completely. All the women and children, many prisoners and thousands of head of cattle were taken.”
    Jones’ Gazetteer

    James McDonell served in the 32nd Coy. 2nd Imp. Yeo. From 25 Feb 1900 and was severely wounded in the action at Kheis on 28 May. He took his discharge on 26 November 1900, joined the Orange River Colony Provisional Mounted Police and subsequently transferred to the SA Constabulary. He was slightly wounded at Driefontein on 12 January 1901.

    His QSA with clasp CC was issued on 15 July 1901 and it would seem that the OFS clasp for service with the ORC Provisional Mounted Police never reached him. He was Mentioned by Kitchener in the rank of Superintendent. (LG 29 July 1902, p4857)

    In August 1905 he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the Lydenburg District.
    In 1914 he joined Botha’s Natal Horse as SgtMaj of B. Squadron. He was promoted 2/Lieut.

    On 19 January 1915 and served until 13 Aug 1915.


    At the age of 42 he joined up again on 23 April 1917 and sailed for British East Africa with the rank of Acting Sergt, later rising to the rank of Acting RSM. He returned to Pretoria after his spell with the SA Service Corps, Mechanical Transport, and was discharged on 20 December 1917.


    The day after his discharge he was appointed Temp/Lieutenant and Road Officer, Mechanical Transport Depot, Roberts Heights. His task was, inter alia, to supervise the Bus Service between Roberts Heights and Pretoria which duty he carried out till his release as Transport Officer on 17 September 1919. 

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