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    On 11 June Maj-Gen Lord Dundonald’s 3rd Mounted Brigade discovers Gen Joachim Fourie’s burghers preparing trenches on both sides of the Vrede-Volksrust road where it passes through Alleman Nek and initiates a preliminary skirmish, but they are stopped by shelling from four Boer guns and pom-poms.


    Gen Hildyard postpones his attack until the Infantry Brigades are in position. At 14h30 the British frontal assault starts, but the men of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, forming the front ranks, are pinned down in a dry gulley by Boer crossfire from the heights.


    However, the burghers in their half-completed trenches are subjected to a heavy barrage from more than 30 guns and when Maj-Gen Coke’s 10th Infantry Brigade joins the action, Fourie’s men start falling back. At 17h00 the infantrymen charge the heights commanding the pass, but skilful rear-guard actions by the Boers prevent the cavalry from overtaking them.


    British losses were 26 killed and died of wounds with 126 wounded. Boer losses are not known accurately but are believed to be less than 10 men killed.

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