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    Quoting from the regimental history: 
    “Lord Methuen’s force left us and proceeded to Potchefstroom and the Gordon Highlanders went to Krugersdorp.


    They had no boots, so we were left to bring a convoy on to Potchefstroom. July 28 we were joined by the City Imperial Volunteers and 33 sick and wounded who were captured in the wrecked train and sent in by the Boers.


    The convoy arrived on the 29th and we proceeded towards Potchefstroom the same day. An unfortunate accident attended with considerable loss of life happened on the way.


    A heavy train of supplies passed us just as we were approaching camp at Frederikstad on July 30 and seated on the trucks was a draft of ours which had lately arrived in the country together with some sick men re-joining.


    Our yeomanry scouts had been ordered to inspect the line as they advanced but they failed to perceive that on a sharp curve where the line ran down a decline some of the fishplates had been unscrewed and the rails loosened but carefully replaced. The engine on reaching the spot was derailed and the heavy supply trucks ran up one on top of the other. 

    Thirteen of our men were killed, together with the engine driver and forty-one injured.”

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