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    The action at Rhenoster Kop was described in the “Times History” as “the last orthodox pitched battle of the sort that had been so common in the early Natal campaigns and in Roberts’ great advance through the territory of the republics”

    It was an all-day fight, lasting from five in the morning until after nightfall. Colonel Hickman’s and General Plumer’s Brigade of Australians, New Zealanders, the 1st West Riding Regiment and the 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers lay all day under a heavy fire and a hot sun.


    The tenacity of the British caused the Boers to retreat gradually, and eventually they evacuated an important and naturally strong position. The Boers, some 500 strong, were under General Viljoen and Commandants Grobelaar, and Erasmus.


    So heavy was the Boer fire during this severe action that it was not possible to rise out of a perfectly prone position without the risk of being shot. Very noticeable was the gallant conduct of the doctors, who came into the firing line to attend the wounded.


    Referring to the action in his despatch of 8th March 1901, Lord Kitchener said “that the seizure of this position secured an important centre from which to block several of the most extensively used roads leading up from the bush veldt to the high veldt. In this action I had to deplore the loss of Lieutenant Colonel G.E. Lloyd, who fell whilst gallantly leading his men.”

    British casualties were 15 Killed, 6 Died of Wounds and 66 wounded. 
    Viljoen claimed that 2 Boers were killed and 22 wounded.

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