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    “Hertzog, who had occupied Philipstown on December 19, now threw out his feelers to reconnoitre the most favourable direction for an advance.


    Forced by the presence of Settle’s columns at Hanover Road to abandon his intention of a direct march to the south, he moved rapidly west, engaged an armoured train at Houtkraal (De Aar - Orange River line) and passed some of his men across the line at this point.”
    Times History, Vol V, p128-9.
    Myles Adams, Cape Government Railways, as “Wounded and died of Wounds: Houtkraal, 20 December”. On the QSA Roll for the Mafeking Railway Volunteers he is noted as “Killed in action at De Aar” and on the QSA roll for the Vryburg Town Guard a marginal note for 152 Private Miles Adams 
    reads “Shot in armoured train. Died at De Aar October or November 1900”.


    He is buried in De Aar. The incident was recorded on the Boer side, albeit with a slight discrepancy regarding the date: “Hertzog went via Philipstown and on 18 December he crossed the railway line at Houtkraal, north of De Aar.


    It was here where Klaas Havenga “die penkop van alle penkoppe” charged on his horse Harry alongside the railway line and tried to shoot the driver of an armoured train with his revolver!” 
    Hertzog Series (Booklet 2), Free State Museum Service, 1984 (freely translated from Afrikaans)


    Klaas Havenga, in his attempt to shoot the driver of the armoured train, managed to fatally wound the stoker, Myles Adams. The 18-year-old N.C. (Klaas) Havenga was the Secretary of Gen Hertzog. When Gen Hertzog became Prime Minister in 1924 Havenga was appointed Minister of Finance, a position he filled for 21 years.

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