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    At the beginning of February 1901 Lord Methuen’s column (5th and 10th Imperial Yeomanry, Royal North Lancashires as well as New South Wales and Victorian Imperial Bushmen) left Taung and advanced eastward towards Klerksdorp.


    On 17 February he obtained information that that a large Boer force made up from the Wolmaransstad, Lichtenburg and Potchefstroom Commandos had concentrated at Hartebeestfontein across the direct Klerksdorp road.


    When Methuen approached the Boer position on 18 February it turned out to be far stronger than anticipated from maps and intelligence. In addition, he found that General de la Rey had come down from the north and taken overall command of some 1300 men.

    However, Methuen with barely 900 men, decided to attack. The defile, through which the British had to advance, was dominated by numerous rocky ravines and ridges and the Boers were able to pour an enfilading fire on the column. The 5th IY attacked the Boers on the right in the morning while the 10th IY and the Victorians attacked the Boer left.


    The Royal North Lancashires were brought in mid-morning and their extra firepower,  despite heavy losses, caused the Boers to retreat during the afternoon. The Boers left 18 dead on the field while the British losses amounted to 15 killed and 34 wounded. This spirited action opened the road to Klerksdorp which Lord Methuen entered the next day without further opposition.

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