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    Captain Bretherton, with 100 men (5th Lancers, Nesbitt’s Horse & 32nd Coy, IY) was ordered to Probart’s Farm (Nieuwelanden/Zeekoei River), 16 km north of Aberdeen, to block the mountain passes in the vicinity. 

    “Reached farm at 5:20 pm on 6th, in pouring rain. Only an hour of daylight left, in which he built schanzes and occupied both sides of the dry riverbed, every officer and man being on duty that night. Attacked in early morning by force under Scheepers and Malan.


    The fire was heaviest against the Lancers’ position, and they, under Lieutenant Jones (who was wounded), were compelled to surrender at 8am Captain Bretherton retired with the Imperial Yeomanry to a sheep shed, upon which all the enemy’s fire was concentrated, and, after twice refusing to surrender, gave in at 11am on the third summons, as the enemy were preparing to use dynamite, and were firing in at the open door of the building. Lieutenant Fletcher escaped capture”.


    Boer War Surrenders, WO108-372. 
    British losses were 1 man killed, 1 Officer and 5 men wounded and 2 Officers and 76 men surrendering. The Boers also took the waggons, supplies, 50 civilian coats and all the horses.

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