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    “The Inspector General wishes to place on record the very commendable piece of work performed by sections of A, B and D Troops of the Reserve Depot under the orders of Captain Scriven on the 10th, 11th and 12th Inst.

    This force had been detailed to sieze and occupy Leeuwkop and neighbouring koppies (8 miles NW of the Dynamite Factory) during the night and then to demonstrate against the enemy northward to cover Capt Adye’s troop during its work of entrenching itself on Leeuwkop.

    These duties were most ably carried out. On each of the three days Capt Scriven’s parties, working over a wide area, but in perfect combination, were engaged with the enemy, always with success. They captured wagons and cattle… The enemy were in superior numbers, at about 2 to 1.

    In this work the following Officers, NCO’s and men especially distinguished themselves: Lieutenants MacNaughton and Bourne No 198 Reserve Depot Trooper H Lord (wounded)…”
    SA Constabulary Circular Memo No 44.

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