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    On 2 July 1901 Colonel Benson received information at Machadodorp that detachments of the Lydenburg and Middelburg Commandos were in laager on the farm Vlakfontein, some 11km north west of the town.


    His column left Machadodorp in the early hours of 3 July, but the track followed turned out to be longer and more difficult than anticipated and he only arrived at about 8:00, too late for a surprise attack.


    The Boers were seen moving northwards towards Elandskloof and for the next 7 hours pursuit and search operations were carried out. At about 15:00 two detachments of F Squadron, Scottish Horse were sent ahead to search two adjoining valleys.


    One detachment of 26 men under Major Murray was suddenly attacked by some 60 Boers but held their own for some 45 minutes until relieved by E Squadron, Scottish Horse. In this sharp and very close fight British losses were 3 men killed and 9 wounded. On the Boer side 4 men were definitely killed with another 3 
    men as possible.


    Lt English won the Victoria Cross for running between his men’s positions under heavy fire at point blank range, supplying them with more ammunition.

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