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    Steinaecker’s Horse was raised in June 1900 by Major F. von Steinaecker (who had served earlier as a lieutenant in the Prussian Army) to operate in Zululand and on the Swaziland border of the Transvaal. 


    In time, Steinaecker’s Horse occupied the entire lower veldt to the Olifant’s River, manning over a dozen permanent posts. On 22 July 1901 approximately 100 troopers from Steinaecker’s Horse returned from a mission bringing in some prisoners, stock and some surrendered Burghers to  Bremersdorp in Swaziland. 


    Following them was a force of Boers under Generals Opperman, Smuts and Grobbelaar, which outnumbered Steinaecker’s Horse. Steinaecker’s men quickly abandoned Bremersdorp, but on 23 July 1901, the Boers caught up with the unit and began a running battle in which Steinaecker’s Horse lost 4 men killed in action, numerous wounded and captured and the loss of their baggage train.

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