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    The following is taken from “With the Eighth Division” by Pte E C Moffett:
    “From Harrismith on the 27th a small force of Yeomanry, aided by the Harrismith Light Horse, under Major Peacock, left at midnight to operate against Boers about twelve miles away from the town.


    Early the following morning they surprised a Boer patrol hidden in a donga, who fled, leaving their horses, arms, and ammunition behind. The main body of the enemy retired, taking up a stronger position.


    Lieutenant Moore, with a portion of the Yeomanry, advanced to attack them, while the remainder of the force was kept as a support.

    Unfortunately the enemy were found to be in much greater numbers than was anticipated, and the attack ended disastrously, Lieutenant C. H. Moore and one trooper were killed, seven or eight wounded, and Lieutenant Stutfield with thirty-five men, after firing all their ammunition and attempting to break through, were taken prisoners.


    The remainder of Lieutenant Moore’s party got back to Major Peacock’s supports, upon which the latter returned to Harrismith. The captured Yeomanry were subsequently released near Fouriesburg”. The incident is also covered in depth in WO108/372 (SA Surrenders) and an Afrikaans History of Harrismith. 

    According to the latter source the PoWs were sent over the border into Basutoland and returned to Harrismith on foot a week later.

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