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    On 27 August General Muller suggested to Captain Oliver “Jack” Hindon that he with his Scout Corps again “bag” a troop train on the northern line in order to obtain sorely needed ammunition from the only source available to the Boers.


    Shortly after daybreak on 31 August 1901 Hindon, his 2 I/C Henri Slegtkamp and his Scouts ambushed a mixed goods/military/passenger train in a cutting near Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria. 

    The Boers were positioned on top of the east side of the cutting and the train was derailed. The first charge was triggered by Slegtkamp and the second by Hindon.


    According to Hindon’s biography, he considered the Boer position (safely looking down into the open trucks) so commanding that he called on the troops in the open carriages to surrender.


    The offer was rejected and in the ensuing skirmish Col Vandeleur of the Irish Guards and 9 men were killed and 4 Officers and 17 men wounded. Casualties were predominantly from the West Riding Regiment but a civilian passenger, Miss Jacoba Page, was slightly wounded.


    There were no casualties on the Boer side. Hindon’s primary object with the ambush was realised. Ammunition was obtained in more than ample quantities and, in addition, the Boers made off with dynamite and seldom-tasted delicacies such as sugar, coffee, tea, salt and even a case of champagne.


    The latter was put to good use that evening by the Corps to raise a birthday toast to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

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