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    According to WO 108-372 (SA Surrenders) Vet Surgeon Anderson and 42 Cattle Rangers were on the farm Pruizen with 2 forts north and south of the farmhouse.


    At daylight Capt Anderson and some Government Inspectors in the house heard horses galloping and immediately the house was surrounded.


    The enemy worked round the hills and eventually rushed the fort on north of farm. Section Leader Barnes in fort south of farm had heard that Boers were approaching Pruizen but omitted to warn other posts. 2 rangers were killed and 8 wounded before surrendering to the Boers.

    An Afrikaans publication by S J Lee records that Gen Beyers attacked a British camp on the farm Pruizen, south of Potgietersrus and forced 51men to surrender.


    The burghers also carried off thousands of cattle, sheep and goats as well as 63 horses. However, the cattle and other livestock were found to be diseased and were set free.


    Of Beyers’ men the courageous Lt du Toit of the Soutpansberg Police and 2 other men were killed. Some sources mention 2 other men as killed and 3 wounded.

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