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    On October 30th, 1901, the Boers overwhelmed the rear-guard of Colonel Benson’s column near Bakenlaagte, killing Colonel Benson himself.


    The heroic stand of the rear-guard places Bakenlaagte among the glorious memories of British arms. The orders were “to stop and hold the ridge or else they’d lose the guns,” in the forlorn hope of checking the Boers until the guns could be taken away by reinforcements.


    The defenders of the hill were almost annihilated. All the officers present were killed or wounded. Of 40 Yorkshiremen only 5 were unhurt, 79 Scottish Horse only six, 32 gunners only 3 and of 20 60th Rifles only 3. 

    “In spite of the gallant efforts of the Mounted Infantry Company & a squadron of the Scottish Horse, which promptly formed up on the flanks of the guns, the ridge fell into the enemy’s hands, with the exception of a portion which a party of the Mounted Infantry held till dark.


    The company’s losses were 4 Officers & nine men killed, 1 Officer & 9 men wounded, testimony to the severity of the fighting & the splendid tenacity of the men of the M.I. Battalion”.
    Our Regiments in South Africa’ by J. Stirling.


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