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    The farm Tontelboschkolk, some 80 km north-east of Calvinia, was used by the British as a remount- and grain depot.


    It was garrisoned by 90 men of the Western Province Mounted Rifles and more than 100 Bushmanland Borderers (a coloured unit), dispersed in six small forts, with the British officers quartered in the four farmhouses on the property.

    It was surrounded on 28 November 1901 by Cape Rebels under Malan, Maritz, Van Deventer and Lategan. 


    Vice, the Intelligence Officer at Calvinia reported to Col du Cane at Clanwilliam on 1 Dec 1901: “TBK was heavily attacked on morning of 28th at 2 am by a force of enemy estimated 600 strong.


    They have succeeded in getting possession of the houses & outbuildings & have consequently cut off the water. They kept up a heavy fire all that day & during the night again attempted to take our position, but were easily driven back, & our men succeeded in getting a limited supply of water from the dam.


    Friday the firing continued throughout the whole day, but not so heavy as on the previous day, water was also got into the forts that evening. Yesterday ‘Saturday’ continuous fire was heard till about 11 am when runner was too far off to hear…”

    Although the Boers captured some 400 horses and mules, the main object of the attack, they could not take the depot. They retreated on 5 December and the British withdrew the garrison shortly afterwards.

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