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    General Kritzinger invaded the Cape Colony for a third time on 15 December 1901 by crossing the Orange River at Sand Drift.


    At 6 am on 16 December Doran surprised him and his small commando at breakfast and chased them westwards with Bentick’s Column joining Doran’s Column in a day long operation of pursuit with firing from the saddle.


    At 6pm Kritzinger’s progress was halted by the railway line between Franschman’s Kop and Hanover Road Sidings. Kritzinger’s men managed to keep up a heavy fire on the adjoining blockhouses and their pursuers while the wires were being cut with the majority of the men succeeding in forcing a crossing.


    Kritzinger himself was foremost in the action, exposing himself recklessly and returning three times to rescue wounded men. On the last occasion he himself was severely wounded through the left arm and lungs.


    He managed to cross the line on his horse but when he reached his men it was realised that the severity of his wounds necessitated medical treatment, help from a British ambulance was requested and  Kritzinger surrendered

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