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    P.I. Djibouti 2023 alias P.I. Heraklion

    No one

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    P.I. Djibouti 2023 alias P.I. Heraklion.


    I do not know much about those patches. Especialy why there is a Greek (or Argentinian) cockade (cocarde) and a.k.a Heraklion. And I not familiar with all those new units.


    P.I.: it is a Period of Instruction for people from different units.


    Touraine: Escadron de Transport 1/61 Touraine*

    *It is a French Air and Space Force squadron located at Orléans – Bricy Air Base, Loiret, France which operates the Airbus A400M Atlas.


    ESTA : Escadron de Soutien Technique Aéronautique (Aeronautical Technical Support Squadron)


    CESAM : Centre de Soutien et d'Administration des Systèmes Missions*

    *The Mission Systems Support and Administration Center (CESAM) is the unit dedicated to the preparation and monitoring of transport missions conducted on Airbus A400M Atlas.

    The Mission Support Section is the nerve centre that provides comprehensive preparation to A400M crews and provides operational flight tracking to carry out their missions.


    25e RGA : 25e Régiment du Génie de l'Air* 25e régiment du génie de l'air — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

    *The 25th Air Engineer Regiment is a regiment of the French Air and Space Force, composed mainly of Army soldiers. Its mission is to enable and support the deployment of air capabilities in operations. The regiment is based in Istres near the 125 air base. It is now the last regiment of air engineers.


    CASV : Centre Air de Saut en Vol*

    *In the field of airborne operations, the Air Flight Jump Centre (CASV) provides the link between aircraft, crews and commandos. He is in charge of conducting the military and sports parachuting activity dedicated to the support of conventional and special forces. Unique within the AAE, the CASV is also responsible for the maintenance of parachute, drop and rescue equipment (reception, inspection, packaging, folding, repair, storage and transport of all AAE parachute and drop equipment).


    EPMS : Escadrille de Préparation Mission et Simulation (Mission Preparation and Simulation Squadron), can also means Entraînement Physique Militaire et Sportif (Military and Sports Physical Training)


    The plane is a "Airbus A400M Atlas": Airbus A400M Atlas - Wikipedia 


    The patches:







    - Grand Bara: Grand Bara - Wikipedia


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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