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    Infrastructure Companies in Operation in Djibouti

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    - 1968 creation of the Regional Infrastructure Companies (Compagnies Régionales d’Infrastructure / CRI)

    - 2005, the CRIs of Metz and Bordeaux became respectively the Infrastructure Companies in Operation (Compagnies d’Infrastructure en Opération / CIO) 11.513 and 13.513 

    - 2011, the two CIOs merged to create the Air Operations Support Group (Groupement Aérien d'Appui aux Opérations / GAAO) 10.513

    - 2021, the GAAO was renamed Operations Support Air Wing (Escadre Aérienne d'Appui aux Opérations / EAAO) 00.513


    The mission is to support the deployment of air forces by setting up, at all times, in all places and in all forms of threat, the facilities that make up a planned air base.

    These facilities can be aircraft parking and maintenance structures, defence protection elements (combat posts, watchtowers, fences, barbed wire, etc.), units for the production and distribution of electrical energy and drinking water (with drilling capacity), wastewater treatment units, modular structures for offices, housing, etc.


    Presentation of the patch of the Infrastructure Companies in Operation CIO 11-513 & 13-513* in Djibouti:

    *Compagnies d’Infrastructure en Opération / CIO 11-513 & 13-513







    The insignia of the Operations Support Air Wing (Escadre Aérienne d'Appui aux Opérations / EAAO) 00.513, homologation Air A1402

    (source wikipedia by unknown author)




    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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