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    The Kimberley Medal

    The suppressed forerunner to the Kimberley Star. 

    Initially organised by the Town Authorities this medal was struck in England but never issued. It had to be melted down by the Authorities owing to their unsanctioned use of the Royal cipher on the reverse of the

    It is not known how many were struck but few have survived.


    The so-called Kimberley Star must surely take pride of place amongst the various locally presented South African tribute medals.


    The desire of the Siege Mayor, Mr Henry Alfred Oliver, who was later awarded the CMG for the role he played during the Siege, to ensure that the services rendered by all the gallant defenders were recognised is well known. 

    His tribute, which was evidently financed from his own pocket, was unfortunately not recognised as an official award and there was great disappointment when it was ruled that this six pointed star could not be worn in uniform. 

    Although the general literature tends to highlight strikings with an “a” date hallmark, stars with a “b”, “c” and “d” hall marks are well known and are clear evidence that the medals were very well received. 


    At that time the cost of the labour involved in manufacturing the stars was small in comparison to the cost of silver and one might presume that this was perhaps one of the key reasons why the initial medal was suppressed. 

    Numerous die varieties of the star are known – some with the centre coat of arms medallion struck heavily incuse, others high in relief while the rays and the centre of the stars are hollow which necessitated thatthe hall mark was re-stamped on the obverse after manufacture. 

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