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    Dekoratie Voor Trouwe Dienst (DTD) Kapt H.S. Pretorius;
    Distinguished Service Order (DSO) (Geo.V);
    Anglo Boere Oorlog Medal Kapt H.S. Pretorius;
    Lint Voor Wonden ribbon;
    1914-15 Star Capt H.S. Pretorius 4th Mtd. Bdge.;
    WM; AVM (Bil.), MID oak leaf Major H.S. Pretorius




    The Citation reads as follows:
    “Had it not been for this officer my task in the North Eastern Districts of the Cape Province would have been one of the utmost difficulty. I recommend him for special recognition”.


    It is interesting to note that although awarded for: “services rendered in connection with military operations in German South West Africa”, Van Deventer’s original recommendation for the award centred on the activities in the Cape Province during the rebellion.

    His Form “A” shows that he was on the staff of General Louis Botha while the Form “C” indicates that he was wounded on the 5th August 1901.


    His WWI medal application form shows him forming “Pretorius’ Calvinia Commando” after the outbreak of the Rebellion in North Western Cape Province. He then served as the Staff Captain of Southern Force, first engaged in action against Manie Maritz and his rebels at Upington, then participating in the advance into German South West Africa.


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