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    France: National Association of Indochina Veterans (A.N.A.I.)

    No one

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    Presentation of the insignia of the National Association of Indochina Veterans*

    * Association Nationale des Anciens d'Indochine / A.N.A.I.





    I am fond of this insignia because of its bucolic theme, a far cry from the horrors of war.

    This badge is also available in black.

    This association, created December 27,1917 was dissolved September 27, 2012.

     All the direct links of this association are gone unfortunatly.


    Anciens de l’Indochine, leurs familles, leurs amis et leurs soutiens : présentations de l'ANAI et de l'ANAPI. - Réserve Citoyenne du Gouverneur militaire de Paris (reserve-citoyenne-paris.org)

    Translation google:


    The National Association of Indochina Veterans (ANAI) was an association governed by the law of 1901 and approved by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, bringing together French, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians attached to the memory of Indochina.

    Under its statutes, its objectives were to:

    To make Indochina known to public opinion;

    To illustrate in particular the work that France has accomplished there for three centuries;

    To defend the moral interests and honour of veterans and victims of war;

    To promote mutual aid for the benefit of the Indochina veterans and Indochinese in need;

    To facilitate the knowledge of the French and Indochinese of today.


    It forbade any debate of a political, religious or trade union nature.


    The ANAI was open to all those, civilians and soldiers, who had served, lived or stayed in Indochina; it also welcomed anyone interested in present-day Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos who wished to rediscover its French lineage and keep its memory alive.

    Its national headquarters were established in Paris.

    It was dissolved at the Extraordinary General Assembly in September 2012 and therefore disappeared on 31 December 2012.

    But since January 1, 2013, a certain number of sections, set up as departmental associations (see the ANAPI website to find this list) continue the work of the ANAI."


    Note: do not confuse with  ANAPI – Association Nationale des Anciens Prisonniers Internés Déportés d'Indochine 


    Association nationale des anciens prisonniers internés déportés d'Indochine — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

    Translation google:


    " The National Association of Former Prisoners and Internees of Indochina (ANAPI) is a French association intended to identify and bring together all people who were prisoners, hostages or deported to the Far East during the Second World War, the Indochina War and the Korean War.

    The association aims to bring together former prisoners, both civilian and military, of the Imperial Japanese Army during the takeover of French Indochina by the Empire of Japan, prisoners and hostages, those of the Viet Minh during the Indochina War, and those of the North Koreans during the Korean War. "


    Yours sincerely,

    No one


    - law of 1901 Association loi de 1901 — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

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    No One,


    Very interesting. Is there any significance to the three different colors, such as tiers of membership, or is it simply a design element?



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    Dear TracA,


    "Is there any significance to the three different colors ..."


    I can't say, asking myself the same question for years without finding an answer.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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