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    A Taisho Golden Kite 7th Class


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    In late May of this year I was able to add a nice Meiji 7th Class Kite to my collection, and now after a little searching I was able to obtain a cased Taisho 7th Class Kite. My classification is based upon JapanX’s excellent work here on GMIC at https://gmic.co.uk/topic/51228-classification-of-golden-kites-in-6th-and-7th-class/.


    The Kite below is definitely pre-Showa: when starting from below and moving up (1) the distance between the fourth aperture of a harness and the first tipping over of a harness is very short and (2) there are two apertures at the second tipping over of a harness, instead of just one aperture. However, just like with Showa Kites my most recent acquisition has the second wing tip as the longest. This fact, and the fact that the top two apertures on the left side of the harness are a relatively wide distance apart, is what makes this Kite fall within the “Taisho” type, per JapanX’s study. However, per his classification there are two Taisho types and a total of five sub variations, three for Type 5 and two for Type 6. So, where does my Kite fall within this schema?


    I narrowed it down to either Taisho Type 5.3 or 6.2. I looked back and forth numerous times, took a few breaks, went back to looking, and finally decided that my new acquisition is Taisho Type 5.3. However, such “hard line” classifications as Meiji vs. Taisho and even whether or not such classifications crept into the Showa era are clearly not set in stone: see JapanX’s final post on September 22, 2011 in the above referenced thread. So, perhaps the title of this thread, with its flavor of definitiveness, is a bit misleading.


    There are no hallmarks on the Kite, the ribbon is quite soiled as well as torn on the reverse, and the gold inscription on the lid is of the earlier six kanji variety as opposed to the later seven kanji variety.


    I am delighted to have this in my collection. I hope that you enjoy it.


    All the best,






    Kite 7th Class Taisho Obv.jpg


    The Kite and apertures up-close, although the focus is a bit off:


    Kite 7th Class Taisho Obv Kite Aperture Close Up.jpg




    Kite 7th Class Taisho Rev.jpg


    Case lid:


    Kite 7th Class Taisho Case Lid.jpg

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    Dear TracA,


    This is a nice one, I like it.


    As for the inscriptions on the lid:





    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    correcting a mistake
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    Dear Gentlemen,


    I made a mistake with the third kanji, read  / rank not / class.


    I appreciate the likes above, but I don't feel deserving of them.


    Yours sincereely,

    No one

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    Dear TracA,


    Nick Komiya's article talks about 'classes' and only mentions the additional kanji "".


    Yours sincerely.

    No one

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