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    Obvious wound badge date mistakes in documents

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    I have a Milit?rpass with an unusual entry. It looks to me as if the officer making the entry made a mistake with the year as I think it says ?wound badge received 25.8.17.? Surely this must be 1918 as I thought the wound badge wasn?t instituted till March 1918.

    According to the pass, the soldier wasn?t wounded till 8.12.17 but I know he was also wounded at Verdun in 1916 and again near Passchendaele in October 1917 although only in the hand.

    He was captured in October 1918 and the only pre 1939 photo of him with a wound badge was taken in 1921, with the cut out type which he probably borrowed for the photo.

    Do date/year mistakes often crop up? I don?t have many German documents to check.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Well, I've got a set to one man where in his Wehrpass the clerk copied the WW1 Milit?rpass entry abbreviations for Bavarian MMC3 X as "MMC 3X w/Crown" having a distracted fit looking at the "Kl." and transcribing "m. Kr."



    If I didn't have everything in this group including all said award documents and so on, wouldn't have caught the mistake. I doubt HE ever did! :cheeky:

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