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  1. rear facing . Any observations kindly received
  2. would upload pics of the faces of the medal but wont let me as saying over 2mb when each one is 1.5mb ? !!! Anyone know how to make them smaller in size ? Paul
  3. Thought I had put this up earlier but here it is now my Bi Lingual S.A medal to 144 L/Cpl T.M.Riley 2nd S.A Rifles
  4. Thanks for the Info Lambert really appreciate your input Paul
  5. Thanks Bill got this one off ebay for £47 so pretty happy Paul
  6. #10 in my collection arrived today from Kobe any comment or observations greatly recieved as always
  7. Thanks for the information Lambert much appreciated Paul
  8. Paul Evenden

    American (US) Victory Medals

    Hi Lambert Thanks and yes I have read this part of the forum thoroughly for the advice and knowledge that you guys have put up for us beginners .I will have t6o invest in the book also especially when it comes to finding those with the minutest differences.When I start collecting anything I like to have as much information and reference material as possible Paul
  9. Just arrived today to add to my growing collection any opinions are welcome
  10. Paul Evenden

    British Victory Medals

    wow thanks Noor looks like I luked out on an interesting story behind this guy .Once again thanks for your help
  11. Hi Noor Thanks and none have been researched so far as concentrating on the collecting first Although any help is always gratefuly recieved .I have Listed them all separately in their respective sub sections on here Paul
  12. Paul Evenden

    Indian Army Victory Medals

    Thanks for the info Paul much appreciated Paul
  13. Paul Evenden

    British Victory Medals

    Dont know where to puit this one as there is no subsection specific for Canada :- 862019 PTE.F.AMATO 123-BN.CAN.INF
  14. Paul Evenden

    British Victory Medals

    Thanks very much for the Info Noor most appreciated